Waste-gas purification


Harmful waste gases are released in the course of all incineration, smelting and sintering processes and, in accordance with the so-called TA-Luft (technical directions for keeping the air clean) and the Federal Immission Control Law (BImSchV) with their respective appendices, these must be purified. 

Clean air - Sorbacal® Micro

The products called Sorbacal® Micro include a series of adsorbing agents for waste-gas purification which are tailor-made for the respective application purpose. 

Depending on the temperature range and the waste-gas purification system, special products on the basis of a lime product and special, endowed clay minerals are available: Sorbacal® Micro-AK containing activated carbon or preferably Sorbacal® Micro without carbon. 

The following harmful substances can be removed from waste gases with Sorbacal® Micro 
products, achieving values clearly below the permissible threshold values. 

  • Acid pollutants: e. g. HCl, HF, SO3, SO2
  • Highly volatile heavy metals: e. g. Cd, Hg. 
  • Organic pollutants: e. g. dioxins, furans, PCBs, PAHs

Sorbacal® Micro-products with a high lime content are used to remove all pollutants, e.g. HF, HCl, SO3, SO2, dioxins/furans and Hg, in one step. 

For the final treatment of waste gases after, for example, scrubbers, organic pollutants such as dioxins/furans and Hg are removed by means of fabric filters with Sorbacal® Micro-concentrates which have a high clay mineral content. 

Why Sorbacal® Micro? 

Waste-gas purification in accordance with 17th BImSchV: 

  • with a reliable partner 
  • with a tried and tested product 
  • without alterations to the plant technology 
  • without complex safety equipment 
  • with a fair price/performence ratio

Advantage of carbon-free Sorbacal® Micro-products

The carbon-free Sorbacal® Micro-products consist of lime products and sulphidically endowed clay minerals and the Sorbacal® Micro-concentrates consist in the main of sulphidically endowed clay minerals. This has the following advantages: 

  • certain compliance with the stipulated threshold values 
  • can be used at all usual temperatures 
  • no investments for safety equipment 
  • no calibration costs for -CO- und -T-measurements 
  • no costs for rendering inert 
  • no carbon - no residual risk 
  • no additional carbon in the residue 
  • not abrasive easy to convey and to dose 
  • a product number of its own for each user 
  • continual analytic checking within the framework of the 
  • quality management system


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